~Counting My Blessings~

This week has been a reminder for me to "Count My Blessings."
Blessings can come in all sorts of ways.
This photo has a few momentos in it to remind me of a
few wonderful people that are blessings in my life.
The apple picture in the background is from my Mama,
who is such a blessing to me every day and in so many different ways.
The star basket is from my brother and his fiancee' who are
examples of daily blessings in her winning the battle against cancer.
The "Friendship" Willow figurine is a gift from a dear friend and
prayer partner who blesses me each week with her prayers for me and my family.
The caramel apple canisters are filled with goodies and I found
these items on a fun filled shopping trip with my Daughters
who are blessings to go shopping with.
Just a few days ago, a lady that had met my daughters,
said that my girls were amazingly sweet girls.
And that she wanted parenting tips from me.
What a true blessing that was to hear!!!
It filled my heart with joy.
We all have blessings to be thankful for.
Count them one by one.
You can probably guess that I love the apple theme. ;)