~Pie Holders~

When I was growing up I just loved spending time with my Grandma at her house. We would bake together and it was so much fun. I especially liked to make pies with her. We would go pick some strawberries, gooseberries or apples and start planning out what we would do with them. (My favorite pie was the the strawberry-gooseberry pie. We made them very sweet so that the gooseberries weren't sour at all.) She didn't mind if I made a mess, she just wanted me to have fun and use my creativity. So now, when I walk into my kitchen and see all of my pie holders, I have sweet memories of my Grandma and me baking pies together. :)

I use this little holder to put my rings in while I'm cooking, so I don't worry about losing them or getting food on them while rolling out dough.

I have a variety of sizes and they make the perfect carriers when taking a pie to our church dinners. I just adore them.