~Shopping Day~

Today was a shopping day with the girls. Me, my Mama and my Daughters went shopping at one of our favorite shops....Rosewood Farms. The owners are the sweetest people. It's always fun to go to there. They make their own chocolates and they are delicious. I also got a Carmel Frappuccino to drink. Here are a few things that I bought today.

They make their own candles and wax melts too. I got the scent that smells like Rosewood's kitchen. It has a cinnamon scent, which is my favorite.

I'm always burning candles or melting the wax melts when I'm at home. I love the scent flowing throughout my home. I makes me feel warm and cozy. Everyone always comments about how good my home smells. So, when I go to Rosewood Farms I like to get a good supply that will last me until my next trip over there. :)
Hope ya'll had as good of a day as we did or even better. ;)

Hugs & Blessings,

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