~Draperies Project~

Happy "Project Friday" and let's get started. :)

The draperies in our bedroom have been hanging there for several years and we were getting a little bored with them. We also have a need for blackout during the sleeping hours because we have an electric pole light right outside our bedroom windows which pours in the light at night. So, I went shopping and found some new draperies that I just loved the moment I spotted them.

Here they are.....I just love the bold colors and silky feel that they have. :)
This is how they look to blackout the light at night.

And this is how they look during the daylight hours.

A closeup view of the fabric and detail of the colors.

You know how one project leads to another? Well, I had to do something with the old draperies, so downstairs they went into our sitting room. I just had the windows covered with lace panels, which again, doesn't help with privacy or light pouring in on a hot summer day. So, up with the old panels which look NEW in this room. I only have one up so far but will put the others up when I finish making a few sewing repairs. :)

Hope ya'll enjoyed my "Project Friday" draperies project. Be sure and check out all the others projects over at RoseMarie's at Sugar Plum Cottage.

Hugs & Blessings,

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