100 Things About Me

This is the most recent pic of me and that was over six months ago on my birthday.
I really don't like pics of me, so I usually hide behind the camera. ;)

I've been tagged to post 100 things about me. Some of you have done this on your blogs and I have enjoyed reading them but I don't know for sure if I can think of 100 things about myself. But I'll give it a try...


100 Things About Me

1. I'm in my forties.

2. I'm married to Jim.

3. I have two teenage daughters. Alissa is 18 & Shanna is 17.

4. My daughters both have boyfriends that are nice young men.

5. I have two brothers.

6. My oldest brother (Doug) was killed in a car accident when we were teenagers

7. His death was one of the most tragic times of my life.

8. It still bothers me to think about it too much.

9. I was 15 when it happened and he was 18.

10. My younger brother (Joe) is 8 years younger than me.

11. He is engaged to a very sweet young woman that I adore.

12. I dedicated a blog for her recently about her breast cancer.

13. I hope that they get married soon and live happily ever after.

14. I am DEFINATELY a ROMANTIC at heart!!!

15. I love candles and burn them every day.

16. I like to soak in a bathtub with lavender oil and bath salts after a long day at work.

17. I have a dresser that belonged to my Great Grandma.

18. My Grandma and I have birthdays just one day apart.

19. She says that I was her birthday gift that year.

20. I spent a lot of time with my Grandma while growing up.

21. She is, very much, a second Mother to me.

22. My Grandpa is one of the greatest men that has been in my life.

23. He always sang to me and made up little songs about me that were funny.

24. He took me fishing every time I stayed with them.

25. I'm terrible at fishing.

26. I hardly ever catch a fish.

27. I rarely go fishing anymore.

28. My Grandparents used to keep a horse for me.

29. It bit me, ran off with me and bucked me off in a bush.

30. I've been afraid of horses ever since.

31. I would like to ride a horse again and get over my fear of them.

32. I am also afraid of snakes.

33. A copperhead tried to bite me once, when I was crossing a field.

34. It struck at me and I jumped backward and then ran away (very quickly.)

35. I hate snakes.

36. I also hate spiders.

35. I love puppies and kittens though.

36. I have an American Eskimo dog named Cassie.

37. She is very loyal and loves for me to pet her.

38. My daughter has a Chiahuahua and she loves for me to give her treats.

39. I'm a sucker for cute animals.

40. I love cooking & decorating magazines.

41. I love to watch HGTV

42. I love to watch FOOD Network

43. One of my alltime favorite movies is "Pride and Prejudice" A&E Version.

44. I also love "Gone With the Wind", "Anne of Green Gables" &"Anne of Avonlea."

45. My favorite book series is a toss up between Jane Peart's "Brides of Montclair" series and Janette Oke's "Love Comes Softly" series.

46. I think they should make a movie series on the "Brides of Montclair" books.

47. But I was a little dissappointed with the movies of the "Love Comes Softly" series.

48. I liked the first adult Missy and it just isn't right when they use different actresses to play the same role.

49. I love to read or watch movies about the 1800's era.

(I'm almost halfway there. This isn't easy trying to think of things about me.)

50. I live less than 20 miles from the Laura Ingalls Wilder home and museum.

51. I have been there many times.

52. My Grandma lives almost directly across the road from the home.

53. I also live about an hour and a half drive away from the famous Branson, Missouri.

54. We go down there every few months or so.

55. I love going to Silver Dollar City. It is a lot of fun.

56. I live in a very small town of about 4500 population.

57. But it is actually one of the largest populated towns around the general area.

58. It is about an hours drive to the city.

59. I go to the city about once a month to get my "city fix."

60. Then I thank God that I live in a small town. ;)

61. I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana about 21 years ago. (For about a year and a half.)

62. I met my husband there.

63. We met in a restaurant, called Copeland's, on a blind date.

64. My Dad arranged the date. (How romantic)

65. My husband worked for my Dad in the Navy.

66. We just celebrated our 21st anniversary last September 4th.

67. We lived in Corpus Christi, Texas for about 15 years of our marriage.

68. We have lived the rest of the years in southern Missouri.

69. I miss my friends & family in New Orleans and South Texas.

70. I thought that we would go back and visit often but we haven't yet.

71. I would love to travel all over the USA.

72. I was born in San Diego, California because my Dad was stationed there in the Navy.

73. I've always wanted to go back there with my Mother and have her show me around.

74. My family is mostly here in Missouri.

75. My Mother and Stepfather live about a mile down the road from me.

76. My Dad and Stepmother live in Texas.

77. My parents divorced when I was a baby.

78. I have a half-sister. I haven't seen her in years.

79. She lives in Texas also.

80. My Mother and Father in-law live in Tennessee.

81. I live in an old two-story cottage type home.

82. My home is over 100 years old.

83. I have a huge backyard and field. (About 2 acres)

84. I like having a big garden in the summer and eating fresh foods.

85. Since I'm overweight, the summer heat is very hard on me.

86. I never did get used to the heat in the south.

87. I like having four distinct seasons of the year.

88. Fall is my favorite though.

89. I love all the tree leaves turning beautiful colors.

90. Spring is a close second for my favorite time of the year.
I love all the flowers and budding trees.

91. My favorite colors are blue and pink. I lived in a pink home once.

92. My home has a few of my favorite colors but I want to decorate more to my style.

93. I think my style would be described as country-french and of course....ROMANTIC.

94. I absolutely love going to Tea Rooms.

95. My Mother and I owned one a few years back.

96. I now live in that home where it was.

97. I hope to open another Tea Room someday.

98. I drive a white minivan.

99. I live in a white home with a blue metal roof.

100. My home is (slowly) being decorated in white & blue colors.


Wow....I made it! It took me a long time to come up with all of these.
Hmmmm, who can I tag with this? ;)