I Am A Dishes and Glassware Fanatic!

I know that I have too many dishes. My family has kept telling me that over and over throught out every move that we've made.
Especially when they had to help me wrap them, box them up, and load the boxes on a truck. LOL
But I enjoy my dishes. I don't wait to use my china for a special occasion.
I like eating on pretty dishes everyday. And it makes it nice that I have a lot to choose from because we never get bored eating off the same dishes all the time.
Yes, we have had some misshaps. A few pieces have been broken along the way. But they are never missed and it is so easy to find replacements for them these days, on the internet.
These pics are just a few of my shelves of my dishes.

This is a small teaset.
The bride and groom cake topper are from our 20th wedding anniversary cake.

Some more small teacups and tea for one.

These are the glasses leftover from our Tea Room days.

This set of china is from my early teenage years when I started
a collection of dishes for when I had a home of my own.
This is my china that my Dad bought for my Mama
over 40 years ago when he was in Japan.
This is a new set of glassware that my Mama bought me for Christmas.
She has a set just like them, so I grew up using these.

Some more of the set.
And a cakeplate and dome that my husband bought me for Christmas.