~Puzzle Therapy~

We have a tradition around our home of putting puzzles together around the holidays. We have framed some of them, given some away and my parent's have one under the glass of their coffee table. We usually pick a Thomas Kinkade puzzle because they are so lovely. It is good therapy and fun for us to put one together as a family. But there is one rule......I get to put the last piece in....LOL If someone else does it, they will take it back out and lay it beside the hole for me to FINISH the masterpiece. :)

This week has been a very busy week for me and I was in much need of a good puzzle to take my mind off some of the things going on. (A dear sweet lady, that has been a friend of my Mama's, passed away this morning after a 2 month battle with liver cancer.) I may do a post in her honor later this week.

I know that I'll have another busy week until all things are settled with her funeral and the family dinner (we are hosting it) but it was good to get away today, just for a little while, and pretend that I was going up the lane to a little peaceful cottage surrounded by beautiful flowers.

These puzzles are only 100 pieces each. I did one yesterday and one today. They can be easily put together in minutes. My only complaint is that I can't find them anywhere except at Christmas time. And these are my last ones. Now I'll have to wait until next Christmas. :(

This one is called, "Glory of Morning"

And this one is, "Glory of Evening"

They can easily be put into a picture frame using a colored cardstock paper for the background. Or used as a mousepad. It gives me something pretty to look at while on the computer. :)

Hope you've enjoyed my puzzle therapy. :)

Hugs & Blessings,


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