~Snowman Soup Bowls~

Thank you for all the sweet comments about my dentist appointment yesterday! I am feeling much better today. :)

It has turned really cold and windy here today and I am in need of some warmth. What a perfect day for soup and in my snowman bowls. These bowls are perfect for soup. My soon to be sister-in-law, Melissa, gave these bowls to me and I just love them. I like snowmen decorations and even building a snowman outside with the kids when there is a good snowfall. But today I'm having my "good for the soul" chicken & vegetable soup.

My recipe is pretty simple but very old fashioned. You know the kind that your Grandma gave you when you asked for her recipes. :)

I add a little water to my pot. (Enough to cover the bottom about 4 inches) Then I add some cooked chunks of chicken. (About two good hand fulls) Then I add about a hand full of sliced carrots and another handful of diced onions and chopped celery bits. I then add a cubed potato or two. A little sweet corn adds color, sweetness and protein. Then I just spice it up with salt, pepper, dill and chicken bouillon cubes and a little parsley to satisfy my taste. Serve with crackers, rolls or biscuits.

That's how my Grandma used to tell me her recipes. I would say, "but how much of this or that," and she would always say, "just about a handful, pinch or just eyball it." LOL Was this how your Grandma gave you recipes? :)

Enjoy your day wherever you live, whether it be warm or cold. Try this really is "good for the soul."

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