~Card Frames - Project Friday~

Today is the second "Project Friday" over at Sugarplum Cottage and my entry today is a couple of my favorite cards that I received from two special people. My Mama gave me the one of the beach scene bear and my friend Judy gave me the one of the two bears having tea. These are two very dear people in my life and two of my favorite cards. So I wanted to frame them and enjoy them every day. :)

I glued the cards on the back of the paper that came with the frame and used a little cutting of wallpaper border to frame the cards. Then just putting them back in the frames. Simple as pie!

I found some frames that have copper and green in them to match the bedspread in my bedroom.

I have a collection of these little bears and have loved them for years. I may show them on a post later. :)

Hope ya'll have a GREAT friday!!! :)

Hugs & Blessings,

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