~Life Happens~

Some of you sweet dear friends have emailed this week and asked me where I've been and I want to say thank you for caring about me and my family!! It's so nice to receive an email just saying that you "care." :)

There has been a LOT of change in our home and it takes a little getting used to. Jim Darling just got a new position in the company he works for and he is now home for a week and then gone for a week. This is kind of easing us into retirement. What do you ladies do with your husbands when they are retired and home all day long? Please help....And we have two teenage daughters with boyfriends. Need I say more? LOL

So, I've decided to think on a few things that make me feel happy and this is a little corner of my bathroom that I've added a lamp and pink roses picture frame that I really enjoy. I couldn't believe the difference that it made to add a little more light in the bathroom....especially for putting on makeup. I love the shaded light because it makes me look younger in the mirror. LOL... It doesn't show wrinkles as well. :)

This is the little pink roses picture frame that is in the corner.

This is how my week has't I look like Phyllis Diller? Remember her? LOL

Hugs & Blessings,

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