~Shopping Day 2~

My last post was about my Friday shopping day with my dear friend Becky. Well then I went shopping on Saturday with my Mama, Alissa, Shanna & John. Yes, John is a good sport and can even enjoy our little girlie outtings. :)

First off, we started out early and needed coffee. There's a new little place, in the next town over, that just opened up. I wish they would've opened it in our town instead. :)

I got a chocolate macchiatta. It was soooo good!!

I used to be a Barista and can make my own specialty coffees at home without all the fussy equipment. If ya'll would like to know how I do it, just leave me a comment asking about it and I will make a post on how to do it. :)

I think my Mama got a caramel cappuccinno.
Alissa had a frappuccino.

After we did a little shopping and went to take lunch to Jim Darling, at work, we stopped at a chinese restaurant and had a nice lunch. I just loved their chandelier they had near our table. It was huge and this pic does not show it's real beauty or size.

I ended up buying some new curtains for my bedroom and will give ya'll a peek at them. I will be posting the before and afters on friday's project day.

We did more shopping but my best find were some little chandeliers and I will post about them later after they are cleaned up a bit.
I just love weekends like this. But today is my last day off work and I'm going to visit Grandma. Then back at work tomorrow. At least the weather looks promising. I think it's supposed to be in the 70's here all week long.

Here's some tips for the day....I found this tip over at Your Home Based Mom on how to neatly store ribbons. It's a really good tip!! Just thought I would share it with ya'll. :)

And Bernideen is having a giveaway on her blog over at You can go check it out to enter. :)

Have a GREAT day!!! :)

Hugs & Blessings,

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