~My Thrifting Finds~

This weekend I had two days off from work so it made a four day weekend for me. I just love those!!! :) So what did I do? I went shopping, of course!!!

On Friday I went, with my very dear friend Becky, to a moving sale, antique store/greenery, thrift store, church rummage sale and another antique store. (We had to fit lunch in there too, at a Mexican restaurant.)

These are my Friday shopping day finds. Remember the pink mini carnations in the vase? They are still looking good after two weeks. :) The two daisy boxes are for my Mama....shhh...don't tell her, it's a surprise. :)

I got this little birdhouse for only 10 cents.

This birdcage was only $5.00 with everything already in it.

Isn't the little nest cute?! :)

But this was my biggest thrill. I love clocks (except when I have to go around changing the time on all of them during daylight savings) and I have at least one in every room in our home. This one was just too pretty to pass up. My Mama aaawwwed when she saw it.

My only regret for the day was that I didn't bring my camera.
(Becky please remind me next time. We have another shopping day planned soon.)

Hope ya'll enjoyed looking at my finds. Have a GREAT day!!! :)

Hugs & Blessings,

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