~Signs Around My Home 2~

This post is continued from yesterday's post on ~signs around my home~ and I have a few more pics of what my house is saying as I walk from room to room.

This is an old candle holder and it's new home is in the downstairs bathroom. It holds my favorite lavendar cleanser and a cleaning cloth inside. I just open the lid and grab my handy cloth and start wiping down the sink and counter. It is clean in 30 seconds and smells so good.
The saying on it says, "Sweet things made with love."

This is a hot pad for my pots and sits on top of my microwave for easy access to it.

I just recently bought this little sign for my Jim Darling's bathroom. It says, "We may not have it all together but together we have it all."

This hangs above my kitchen sink.

This "sweet" sign hangs above our kitchen door.
I love to see it when I come home after a long day.
I think to feelings exactly! :)
Hope ya'll enjoyed my signs. I would love to see some of yours.

Hugs & Blessings,

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