~Sunday Morning Brunch~

Good Sunday morning!!! Thank you to all you sweet ladies who visited me yesterday for my first "Pink Saturday" and left such nice comments!! I really appreciate ya'll!! :) I will try to get out and visit your sites in the next few days. I have been gone the past few days, shopping with friends and family. I will be posting about some of my "shopping finds" soon. We all had so much fun and found some great bargains.

This morning is my Sunday to bring the brunch for our little church's Sunday School class. I got up early this morning and made strawberry and bran muffins. (The bran muffins are for a few older ladies that can't eat the other kinds.) :)

Here they are....fresh out of the oven.

No, I didn't bake them from scratch. Please don't tell the other ladies. shhhh!!

Here's the finished product all ready to go.
I'm off to church with the family and I sure hope they all like what I bring.
I hope ya'll have a GREAT Sunday!!!

Hugs & Blessings,

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