~Dishes & Sweet Tea~

Today is Project Friday over at Sugar Plum Cottage. And my project is washing dishes. I know, I know, how exciting is washing dishes? Well, I'll tell ya'll a little is therapuetic. My pretty little tea dishes were in need of a good washing. And there's something fun and relaxing about sticking your hands into a hot bubble bath, even if it's just in the kitchen sink. LOL

I like lots and lots of bubbles. Then I put all the dishes in very carefully and let them soak for a few minutes. I use a soft sponge to wash them with. For the very delicate flowers, I pat them with the sponge.

I like to air dry them instead of using the towel drying method. They come out so sparkly clean after a good washing and my hands are so soft too. :) (Remember the old Palmolive commercials?)
While the dishes were soaking, I organized my coffee mug shelf and also put on a kettle to boil water. I had pics of my shelf redo but they keep going to the top of the post, so I can't use them. :(

And I made a pitcher of iced "sweet" tea with my favorite Luzianne. :)

Now that I've played in the bubbles and washed my dishes, I can sit down, put my feet up and relax with a tall glass of my sweet tea. :)
FYI....I use the dishwasher for all my everyday boring dishes and things that are hard to clean. They wouldn't be therapuetic to wash....LOL
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