~Flowers and Cake~

Well, the weather has turned cold and rainy again today but while it was nice over the weekend, I took the opportunity to enjoy a walk outdoors and see the Easter Lilies. I took some other pics and will post them later.

Our local grocery bakery has these beautiful coconut cakes made only at special times and me and my Mama literally race to the bakery to try and get one before they are gone. LOL They are such good cakes and only have a few to choose from. It is sooooo delicious!!! (If you love coconut, that is. My daughter Shanna, doesn't like coconut.)

Sorry, but I couldn't get a pic of a slice of cake....I had to threaten everyone to wait until I could get a pic before they sliced into it. And I was afraid that they would eat my piece while I was busy with my camera. LOL I simply must get the recipe to this wonderful tasting cake. :)

Our whole fence line, on both sides of our property, are lined with these little beauties. We call them "Easter Lilies" here but I know that in some other places they are called something else. Do any of ya'll have a different name for them?

Hugs & Blessings,

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