~My Bears~

Today has been another beautiful sunshiny day here in the Ozarks. Very windy but nice weather. A neighbor dropped by and we had tea and cookies. It was so much fun to visit over some nice hot tea.

Remember my post on friday about my bears? Well, here are a few of my favorites. This one is the "Gardening Bear" that my friend Judy gave me on my birthday.

This one is a "Victorian Bear" that another good friend gave me on another birthday.

Here is my "Bear Tree House" that my Mama gave me. It has a light inside and is very pretty at night. This one reminds me of the Berenstein Bear's tree house.

These are miniatures that were given to me at different times by a few good friends.

Do any of you have these bears? They were really popular to collect several years ago. And I used to have many more of them but with all the moves we have made, some were broken or lost.
It is nice to have such wonderful friends. Can you have too many?......There is always room for one more friend in our lives. :) Wishing ya'll could drop by for tea with me. :)
Have a Great Sunday.....And for those of you who live in Daylight Savings Time...Remember to set your clocks up an hour. :)

Hugs & Blessings,

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