~Welcome to My Kitchen~

Welcome to my kitchen! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and "sit a spell" with me. ;)
After seeing so many beautiful kitchens on other blogs, I was kind of afraid to post any pics of my kitchen. I have been able to add a few personal touches to it but it is still not "finished" in my opinion. But I must say that I absolutely love having a "country kitchen" that I can have a table in the middle and roll out my dough or fix up pretty for a tea party or to simply sit with the family for dinner. I always had tiny little kitchens that weren't even big enough for a small table or island to fit in. So, I love having the room in my kitchen for my table.

This is a teapot cottage that my daughter gave me last Christmas

Sometimes I like to grind my own coffee beans the good old fashioned way

These shelves are wonderful for displaying my many glasses, cups and teapots. And there's more china dishes under the cabinets. I use the hanging pot rack for a flower vine and ornaments instead of hanging pots.

My sink is the original porcelain sink that was installed in the house over 100 years ago. I love the white shine it gives and the sides have a slant for drying dishes.

Here's some of my pie holders and a tea towel that I embroidered that was my Grandma's.

This was my Grandma's match holder and she hung it beside her stove so she could easily light her gas burners and oven. I have an electric stove and don't need the matches but I like to hang it just like she did. :)

This pic came out a little dark for some reason
Hope you enjoyed touring my "Country Romantic Kitchen"