~Gifts From Sweet Peeps~

It's so good to receive gifts and even better when they are from "Sweet Peeps." My daughter gave me a huge gift bag, full of delightful things, recently and told me that I was a special Mama to her and she wanted to do something to show me how much she appreciated me. (Talk about bringing tears to my eyes. :) I was very humbled.

Then just when I had been sick and having a bad day, the mailman comes and delivers me a big box full of precious goodies from a dear blogger friend. Mary, over at Contrary Mary , sent me some wonderful pretties and it just made my whole day better. Thank you very much Mary!!

If you know someone who's going through some trying times, send them flowers or something pretty and it will help to perk them up a bit. :)

These flowers are from Alissa (two dozen pink roses) wow!!
And a Paula Deen Hoe Cake skillet. I love Paula Deen!!
Some chocolate, coffee beans, sugar scrub and a new cutting board.

The following gifts are from Mary

I hung this "K" in my kitchen with my pink flower vine
This is in my bathroom now, holding pretty soap
I just love jotting down notes on these pretty sticky notepads
This is my Paula Deen candle from Alissa
Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend!!! :)

Hugs & Blessings,

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